A 8 track world fusion album (45m 34s) — released June 23rd 2020 on Funkiwala

Funkiwala Records presents CUBANGLA - the sixth album by London fusionistas LoKkhi TeRra.
Following on from their hugely successful collaboration with UK afro-beat ambassador Dele Sosimi on 2018's "Cubafrobeat"(mixing afrobeat and Cuban Rumba/Timba), this album sees them return to their Bangla-Afro- Latin-Jazz-Roots.
8 tracks of 21st century London groove – from Sufi Samba to Baul Blues to Bengali folk-Son to Bangla Roots Reggae to London Descargas - recorded in between tours, sessions and collaborations – a true celebration of traditions taking on new forms as they travel and co-exist. In these divided times, their collective musical journey has never been so relevant.

Kishon Khan's Lokkhi Terra have been blending the musical traditions that surround them in London, for many years now.
"Stunning Headliners... A majestic multi-cultural blend of sounds... effortlessly builds bridges between rolling Indian raga rhythms, Afro-Cuban grooves, Acid Jazz/funk and free flowing improvisation" (Timeout London).

The band is composed of musicians who take seriously the different languages of the different genres they mix. Each in their own right play with calibre purist outfits. Members have collaborated with the likes of Hugh Masekela, Tony Allen, Ibrahim Ferrer, Johnny Clarke, Orlando Poleo, Africa Express, Jazz Jamaica, Ska Cubano, Giles Peterson's Havana Cultura, Kyle Eastwood, Bellowhead, Akram Khan to name a very few.
The tracks on this album were gigged for a number of years before being recorded, with the exception of the last 2 tracks which were recorded in 2015 just before performing at Womad and Songlines Encounters.
With CUBANGLA the band has come round full circle – a journey that started a decade ago with their debut No Visa Required (2010). An urban London view on the musical world.

Track listing

A1. Kalare (Cubangla Funk)

This traditional Bengali song talks about the great love between Rada and the god of love Krishna. In this episode, Rada is telling Krishna not to come home because she doesn't know where he was the night before.

Feat Sohini Alam and Aanon Siddiqua on Lead Vocals

Solos Phil Dawson (Guitar), and Kishon Khan (Rhodes Piano)

A2. Como (Descargas)

A London Descargas (jam) where we warm up and instruments get to chat to each other.

Solos Kishon Khan (Rhodes), Javier Camilo (Bongos), Oreste Noda (Congas), Graeme Flowers (Trumpet) and Justin Thurgur (Trombone)

A3. Bhromor (Cubangla Son)

Back to Rada and Krishna. Here Rada is chatting to a bumblebee asking it to take her message of love to Krishna.

Feat Aneire Khan on Lead Vocals

Solo Finn Peters (Flute)

A4. Lal Mere (Sufi Samba)

One of the most famous Sufi songs, given the Lokkhi Terra treatment Feat Sohini Alam and Aanon Siddiqua on Lead Vocals

Solo Kishon Khan (Rhodes),

B1. Badaam (Manisero)

Badaam means peanut in Bangla. This song is inspired by the song Manisero (peanut vendor), of which you have many in Cuba and Bangladesh today. As such the song is in Spanish and Bengali

Feat Javier Camilo on Lead Vocals

Solo Justin Thurgur (Trombone)

B2. Cubangla (Descargas)

This is the title track of the album – a Cuban descargas with a Bengali twist – done in 13/4. It embodies the musical approach of this band.

Solos Kishon Khan (piano), Nazrul Islam (Dhol), Oreste Noda (Congas), Javier Camilo (Bongos), Graeme (Trumpet), Jalal Ahmed (Bansuri flute)

B3 Kon Kole Revisited (Baul Blues)

Dedicated to the late Baul Rob Fakir, this arrangement was performed at Songlines Encounters and Womad 2015 before Robs untimely death 2016. In a very muddy Womad, the band were struck by how Rob seemed to float around the festival in his sandles and white robes, with not a speck of mud on him. When UNESCO put Baul music on it's intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2005, it was Rob Fakir's face we saw on their webpage and his "roughedged and lived-in" voice that we heard, soulfully singing the lyrics of Lalon Shai, the inspirational Baul philosopher poet. RIP Rob Fakir

Feat Baul Rob Fakir on Lead Vocals

Solos Jalal Ahmed (Bansuri Flute)

B4 Bhandari Revisited (Roots 2 Roots)

Also from that 2015 visit of the Shikor Bangladesh All Starts to Womad, this track was inspired by the huge success of Lokkhi Terra's 2016 album "Bangla Rasta". A roots reggae interpretation of this modern Bengali folk song.

Feat Baby Akhtar on Lead Vocals

solos Kishon Khan (Harmonium), Finn Peters (flute).


Sohini Alam , Aanon Siddiqua (Lead A1, A4, BVs A3,B1,B4),
Javier Camilo (Lead A3, B1, BVs A4),
Aneire Khan (A3),
Rob Fakir (B3),
Baby Akhtar (B1)

Rhythm Section
Kishon Khan – Piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, Harmonium, Micro Korg :/
Phil Dawon – Guitar :
Jimmy Martinez – Bass (A1-4, B2) ;
Soul Sewell – Bass (B1, B4) ;
Suman Joshi – Bass (B3) :
Oreste Noda – Congas :
Nazrul Islam – Dhol :
Hammadi Valdes – timbales (A2),
Tansay Omar – Drums :
Javier Camilo – guitar (A3), Bongos/perucission
Stephane San Juan – Drums, Tambourine (A1),
Mauro Refosco – Cuica, Conga, Tambourine, Apito (A1) :
Gustavo Di Dalva - Pandero, Tamborim (AI),
Pandit Dinesh – Tablas (A3),
Himanesh Goswami – Tablas (A1, B4)
Horn Section
Justin Thurgur – Trombone:
Graeme Flowers – Trumpet (A1-2, A4, B2-3) :
Jalal Ahmed – Flute (B2-3),
Finn Peters – Flute, Alto Sax (A3, B4),
Simeon May – Tenor Sax (B1, B4),
Tamar Collocutor – Baritone Sax, Flute (A4),
Idris Rahman – Tenor Sax (A1)

All music written and arranged by K. Khan except
Song Badaam by J.Camilo/K.Khan/R.Henry/J.Thurgur/M.Islam
Traditional song A1,A3,A4 Unknown, B4 Baby Akhtar, B3 Lalon Shah All Horns written and arranged by J.Thurgur except
A3 by Finn Peters
A2 by K.Khan/J.Thurgur
B2 by K.Khan
Recorded at Fish Factory (London) by Simone Gallizio except
OD vocals/Keys at TYPS (London) by K. Khan
Bass / Drums (A4) – Love Electric Studios by Andy Hughs
Drums (B2) at Press Play by Andy Ramsey
Bansuri /Dhol (B2-3) at Fatman Studios (Dhaka) by Adit Rahman
Brasillian drums/perc (A1) at Super Legal Studio (Brooklyn) by Jake Owen

Mixed at Hi Street Studio, London by Mauro Caccialanza
Mastered at Gearbox Records, London by Caspar Sutton-Jones
Pressed at Optimal, Germany
Additional Producer – Mauro Caccialanza
Additional Producer – Mike Pela
Produced by Kishon Khan

Deep, laced with joy and a masterly lightness of touch, Cubangla rewards repeated listening - Jane Cornwell Songlines

one of the outstanding albums of the year so far for me - John Armstrong Dj, Journalist

this album is a true high point in the work of Lokkhi Terra and its worldly mix of influences - John Warr AfroBase

Remarkably, the blend of styles always sounds natural, never forced or cluttered, which is testament to the ingenuity of the arrangements and the standard of the playing. - Thomas Rees Jazzwise Magazine

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